HIS Creations Ministries, Inc. - Practical Biblical counseling.
Harrisburg Office Counseling Fees:
First Initial evaluation session: FREE (New Appointment Request Form)
Therapy session: $100.00 **
** If you pay in full (cash/check) at the time of service you will receive a discount and your session is then only $80.00. 
We provide the highest quality and standard of  Counseling.

All initial evaluation sessions are FREE.  The evaluation sessions are designed for the counselor and client to get to know each other and to discuss presenting issues.  If at the end of the session you want to continue with more sessions you and your counselor will discuss scheduling.  However, if you are not sure if Christian counseling is what you need you are free to seek help elsewhere.
All sessions are approximately 45 minutes long.
HIS Creations Ministries serving the nation with Online counseling and locally in the greater Harrisburg and York areas. Providing Christian counseling, Biblical counseling, Marriage counseling and Mental health counseling.