HIS Creations Ministries, Inc. - Practical Biblical counseling.
Christian counseling at HIS Creations Ministries, Inc. Serving the greater Harrisburg and York areas. Providing Biblical Christian counseling, Marriage counseling, and Mental health counseling.Religious Affiliation      
HIS Creations Ministries, Inc. is a corporation and is not funded by or created by a church.  Though the Ministry conducts sessions in a church the Ministry itself is fully autonomous.  We neither recommend or discourage clients from attending any particular Bible believing/teaching church or denomination.  This agency believes in helping each client reach their full potential in Christ so they can fulfill His work, wherever that may be.  Additionally, we believe in the totality of the Bible and use a variety of Bible translations in the counseling process (i.e.: King James, New King James, New International Version, New American Standard, Message, etc...) as it fits for the understanding of each client. All counseling sessions are tailored to the spiritual needs of each client. 
**Pastors, Clergy and other church leaders:
Please feel free to contact James Felty at HIS Creations Ministries, Inc. ( info@hiscreationsministries.org ) for further information regarding how we can help those in your care find relief and spiritual growth or with any further questions you may have.  We may also be able to offer sessions (group and/or individual) at your church designed to fit your or your congregation's needs. Additionally, we have relationships with many churches where they help their parishioners who have financial need.