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Our Mental health and the Bible

The medication controversy

Medication controvery within Christian counseling. Blog by HIS Creations Ministries, Inc. Serving the nation with Online counseling and locally the greater Harrisburg and York areas with Mental health counseling, Marriage counseling, & Biblical counseling.There still seems to be great controversy regarding medication. Sides are drawn whether medication is appropriate and even Godly for anyone to take for a mental health disorder.
An overview of the controversy
Since mental health disorders are "silent", you can't see a body part broken or visibly notice an outward disease. Some suggest that they aren't real and therefore you need to rely fully on God for self-discipline and normalcy. It is mind over matter. In this camp you have some well meaning pastors and Christians who are compassionate and sincerely believe this and want to help you regain yourself. They believe that changing your daily routine with Christ will make all the difference.
Others are not so compassionate. These are more rigid even militant-like Christians who "beat" people over the head with scripture believing that if you have enough faith, then you will be healed. They might even go so far to suggest that you need deliverance from demons to eliminate your mental health disorder. They have a tendency to scare people, make them seem inadequate or even not important to God if their prayers aren't immediately answered.
On the other extreme side of the camp, you have some who believe that medication is the only answer and that you need a pill for every symptom, malady and disorder. From synthetic medication to more naturally occurring substances, there is a fan for every type.
Then there are those in the middle. Those who are ignoring his/her symptoms hoping that it will just go away. Those who are using a patchwork of self-help books to find the "cure" that will help them feel better. And even those who are hopeless and believe that his/her life will just be this way forever.
Who is right?
Everyone combined together (minus the scary/incompassionate/hopeless parts). We are fearfully and wonderfully made. God made us so complex that it is impossible to separate all our parts. All areas need to be working to be the fully functioning people He created us to be to enjoy our lives. Our key parts:
  • emotional
  • relational
  • physical
  • psychological
  • spiritual
We need Christ as our healer, our comforter, our encourager and our all in all. He tells us that we are complete in Him. We all look different and experience life differently. Some have a tough scenario in life with which to deal. Some have a tough life period. Some have parts of his/her brain that needs assistance to function properly. Others need someone to come alongside them to walk through the darkness for a time. Some have demonic forces contributing to the difficulty in their lives. Others will get better with a good self-help book. Even a few who will get better with no intervention other than time. Some need only scripture, prayer and a compassionate Christian friend. The support of a Bible believing church is invaluable for wholeness, knowledge, accountability and fellowship.
How does HIS Creations Ministries view medication?
We meet people where they are at the moment. The Holy Spirit is central and key to our treatment team approach. If He guides you through our doors then He may be asking one of our counselors to be His "mouthpiece" for a time. There are many scenarios where we see someone emerge free in Christ and enjoying his/her life.
  • With counseling only
  • With counseling and natural medication
  • With counseling and synthetic medication
  • With a miracle
The Biblical Truth Therapy model of counseling and prayer are key components to each of these scenarios. We do not believe that everyone needs counseling or even medication to live full and free. However, even if we don't understand the reason, God does use others to assist in the process and sometimes He includes the counselors at HIS Creations Ministries.
If you would like to explore this further with a counselor, please call  us today. Call 717-412-0377 or email us at info@hiscreationsministries.org. We currently do not yet have a Christian psychiatrist as part of our treatment team. Our goal is to have one as part of our treatment team soon so that if medication is potentially needed, each client can trust that the psychiatrist will have the same Biblical perspective as our agency. Otherwise for now, we get to know the client and then if needed or requested, make a referral for medication to other agencies while we continue the counseling process.
We trust that this provides an overview of the controversy of medication. We welcome your comments.

3 Comments to The medication controversy:

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Lorelei on Tuesday, March 08, 2011 1:52 PM
Thanks for making medication not such a stigma for those I know who might need it.
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sharon on Tuesday, March 08, 2011 5:22 PM
I know that the medications I am taking are needed. I have always thought if you need something to help you deal with symptoms and it's ordered by the Dr., then not using it could make matters worse. Everyone is different. Talk with your Dr. to see what they say and be proactive. You do not have to do what they recommend. Speak up at your at your appointment. You have a say. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Michael on Wednesday, March 09, 2011 12:06 AM
I thank God for HIS Creations Ministries. I went through a severe depression and mental illness for several years. I tried to handle it through only spiritual means, spending hours in prayer, repentance, and Scripture. That certainly helped me greatly, but I couldn't collect my thoughts and felt defeated in my thought life every day. I began two medications, which helped me begin to deal with my thoughts and reduce anxiety. The counseling at HIS Creations Ministries is helping me greatly. Today I am off one of the medications and God continues to restore me. I thank God for His help and His servants at this ministry.
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